Foot Health Matters - Online appointments

A) Regular podiatry treatment.

A) Regular podiatry treatment.-

This appointment for regular ‘Podiatric’ treatment & advice.
This appointment is appropriate for EXISTING patients attending a follow on appointment. (Select)

Duration: 30 minutes

B) 'New patient' (first appointment).

B) 'New patient' (first appointment).-

This appointment is specifically for NEW patients attending for their FIRST ever appointment. (Select)

Duration: 30 minutes

C) 'Minor surgical procedure.'

C) 'Minor surgical procedure.'-

This appointment is appropriate for a ‘Minor Surgical’ procedures (& will be carried out under Local Anaesthetic).

Existing patients must contact the practice office before booking this type of appointment.
New Patients should not book this type of appointment. (Select)

Duration: 1 hour

D) Podiatric consultation.

D) Podiatric consultation.-

This appointment type is appropriate for issues regarding the Foot , Ankle, or Knee. (Select)

Duration: 30 minutes

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