A) Regular podiatry treatment.

This appointment for regular 'Podiatric' treatment & advice. This appointment is appropriate for **EXISTING** patients attending a follow on appointment. **(Select)**

B) 'New patient' (first appointment).

This appointment is specifically for **NEW** patients attending for their **FIRST** ever appointment. **(Select)**

C) 'Minor surgical procedure.'

This appointment type is appropriate for **'Minor Surgical'** procedures (& will typically be carried out under **Local Anaesthetic**). **Only** existing (pre registered) patients can book this type of an appointment & they **MUST** have previously discussed the intended procedure with Mr O'Mullan **prior** to booking this type of an appointment. **New Patients** should **NOT** book this type of appointment. **(Select)**

D) Podiatric consultation.

This appointment type is appropriate for issues regarding the Foot , Ankle, or Knee. **(Select)**